Rustic Plum Tart & Italian Morning

Jun 26, 2011

Tips for a quiet Sunday morning:

Wake up while everyone else is still asleep (hooray for jet-lag!).  Make coffee and take your mug down to the chicken coop.  Stop to play with the new puppy and her friend the tame lamb who allowed to wander everywhere.

Collect eggs.  note their speckles, their shades of sand, near-orange, brown, freckled.

Make some eggs with locally made Pecorino.

Use the others to make a rustic plum tart from plum you collect from the orchard.

Go for a walk while everything cooks.  See a fox and study each other for a few minutes.  Get attacked and then licked mercilessly by dogs so white they resemble unicorns.

Return for more coffee.

Updates from Italy to come!