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Emma’s Pantry Item List 

Spring 2011 – Fall 2011

Sauces & Syrups

Rhubarb Sauce: Tangy, sweet, lovely to look at and to eat.  Pour onto vanilla ice cream, on top of sponge cake for a unique dessert, or mix into your morning plain yogurt.

Blueberry Syrup:  Rich in color and taste.  Serve warm on pancakes or drizzle on vanilla ice cream.

Ginger-Green Tea Syrup:  Sweetly spicy and golden in hue, this syrup is the perfect grown-up topper to poached pears, ice cream, Greek yogurt (with or without Anytime Granola!).  Add a splash to a summer spritzer.  Ginger addicts will enjoy the candied slices when the syrup is finished.

Cinnamon-Pear Sauce:  Subtle, succulent, low in sugar and high in pleasure.  Swirl into thick yogurt, share with your toddler for an afternoon snack.


Anytime Granola: Best breakfast, lovely lunch, delicious dinner (I make parfait for the kids on warm summer nights – they love it!).  Layer granola and fresh berries with vanilla yogurt and serve.  Leftovers (doubtful!) can serve as the sweet crispy coating to chicken… Available in personal, sharing, and family sizes.

*Longing for granola year-round?  Sign up for the Granola of the Month (sample flavors include: Island Coconut, Wild Blueberry, Cinnamon Crunch, Very Vanilla, Fall Harvest, Mulled Cider).  Custom flavors?  Ask Em.

Jams & Marmalades

Strawberry-Vanilla Jam: Kid favorite!  Easy to spread, even easier to eat.  Perfect PB&J.

Cranberry-Orange Marmalade:  One part UK, one part Cape Cod.  Crusty thick-cut bread, you’ve met your match.  That goes for you, too, whole roasting chicken.

Blueberry Jam:  Classically addictive, wild blueberries, with hints of cinnamon.

Triple Plum Jam:  Italian Prune Plums, Black Plums, and Red Plums.  Not too sweet, with bits of fruit scattered throughout. Incredible plain on toast or with your favorite cheese.

Raspberry Jam:  Deep ruby, sweet, and utterly enjoyable with a slice of buttery brown bread or alongside crackers.

Apricot Butter:  Thick, sweet, and rich.  Fantastic toast (try brioche or crusty whole wheat), and a family favorite baked onto chicken breasts or wrapped in phyllo dough for easy baked Brie.

Pumpkin-Apple Butter: Harvest in a jar.  Smooth and tasty. Slather on wheat toast or indulge your brown bread with an aromatic blend of organic pumpkin, apples, and spices.

Pickles & Relishes

Bread & butter pickles:  Try to eat only one.  Layer on your Reuben or serve with egg salad for a tangy surprise.

Garlic-Dill Pickles:  Flavor and crunch.  Sandwich Sidekick.

Spicy Pickles:  The perfect compliment for a summer BBQ.  Tangy with just enough hot peppers for heat.

Corn Relish: An American classic.  Grandma’s recipe with colorful peppers, onions, mustard, and turmeric for unbeatable flavor.  Top your turkey burger, scatter on your arugula, or dip your spoon in when no one’s looking.


*If you crave a custom made granola, jam, sauce, pickles or marmalade, just ask.  (Minimum order required)

*Order ahead for gifts, regular deliveries, or holidays (4th of July Berry Jam, Thanksgiving All-Natural Cranberry Sauce).

*Shipping available (at cost).


*Jams, marmalades, butters 5/7

*Granola 5 (personal), 12 (sharing), 20 (family), 30 (group),

*Relishes 7/12

*Syrups 8/15

*Pickles 7/12

*Note: prices subject to change depending on cost/availability of fruit & produce.  Buy or order now to lock in current prices.