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Homemade Organic Family Food

And if you want to know even more than that, you win a prize.  No, not a real prize.  Just the glory of wondering who is this woman who has all these kids and cooks and hiked across Iceland and was a chef on yachts and now has a giant, slobbery dog, and married her husband three months after meeting him??

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And then you’ll understand why I’m writing SCRAMBLEDPRESERVEDFRIEDCURED

My recipes have been published in The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, Thekitchn.com, Culinate.com, Cookthink.com, and others.  I write about family and food for national magazines including Parents, Parenting, Parent & Child, and the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine.

I have appeared on National Public Radio’s The Splendid Table and on television cooking shows everywhere from Portland, Oregon to Pittsburgh, PA.

Mainly, I can be found cooking in my own kitchen.