Train Cake, file under messy baking

May 11, 2011

Three blind cakes.  See how they wait.  See the swans the ugly ducklings turned into…listen as I mix my metaphors and nursery rhymes.  But let’s face it – those old rhymes are creepy.  Clearly, the farm is rodent-infested (and the rodents are blind – suspect farm is not organic).  And the cupboard is bare and kids live in shoes.  Why are we singing to our kids bits such as “ladybug ladybug fly away home, your house is on fire and your children are all alone’?  Talk about anxiety-inspiring lyrics.  And wee Willie Winkie is pervy.  He’s in his nightgown all through the town?  Anyway, the point is that there aren’t any weird old nursery rhymes about trains because they didn’t exist.

So it’s a good thing my 4-year-old didn’t live back then.  And it’s a good thing for me, because if Will were as obsessed with wagons as he is with trains, I would’ve have had a rough time with the cake.

As it is, he loved his train cake.  4 tea loaves overturned, a tray lined with foil and frosted, licorice for tracks, decorations done all by toddler.  Wheels are mini Oreos (they co-mingled with my quinoa; we are an integrated household).

Here’s what the uneven ugly swan fairy blind mice became:


  1. debbie koenig
    May 11, 2011

    So cute! I attempted a fire truck cake for my son’s 4th, a Handy Manny cake (complete with fondant characters, oy) for his 3rd, and a construction site cake for his 2nd. At this point I’m dreading the 5th.

    • scrambledpreservedfriedcured
      May 11, 2011

      Oldest son hates cake so have gotten away with make your own sundae bar. Daughter likes uber-sophisticated desserts. Other son will eat cardboard with frosting plopped on it. Only youngest has wanted a vehicle. Phew.

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