Royal Wedding Dinner…Beer-battered fish, Coleslaw, greens

Apr 28, 2011

Oh, Darlings, it’s just so sad not to be in the UK for their 4-day weekend in celebration of the THE wedding.  Some former Brit friends have invited me over for a morning party.  We’ll be coming from various drop-offs and meetings, so I’m thinking we’ll wear lycra AND hats. Perfect.

Tonight I rang up my friend, Liz (she’s actually one of my 3 friends named Liz.  If you are a Liz or a Heather, I can’t be your new friend.  Those slots are taken!).  Liz is homesick for England (or maybe just the beer and the long weekend).  So I had her come over for 6 seconds (she left her brood home down the street) and I handed her a parcel wrapped in newsprint, a bottle of dark beer, and homemade coleslaw.

She just rang me back.  “Oh. My. God.”

Now Liz isn’t homesick anymore.

I doubt Kate Middleton’s eating this the night before her nuptials, but I imagine she’d be happy away from the fray around here.

Recipes tomorrow…I promise!