Boozy Preserved Fruit (Apricots in Vodka, Cointreau Peaches, Cherries in Cinnamon Rum)

Sep 18, 2013

One part of cooking that I find very satisfying is figuring out what to do to avoid food waste. Soups, sauces, bread puddings, tarts – all great ways to use up odds and ends. This time of year we still have great fruit available, but with school lunches packed and snacks at the soccer field or in the yard, we have not-quite-enough of this and a little too much for that.  Leftovers from crumbles or pies, fruit that takes up space but isn’t being consumed. If fruit is really a day or two too mushy, I put it in the freezer for smoothies. This recipe calls for whatever fruit you have on hand, but it must be fresh (not bruised or mushy or gone by).  Experiment, knowing it all looks beautiful and ends up being a treat in mid-winter.

Boozy Preserved Fruit

Airtight jar

Washed fruit, patted dry

Alcohol to cover (high % - vodka, grappa, rum, triple sec, etc)

Optional add-ins: cinnamon stick, vanilla bean or extract, cloves

Some examples would be:

*fresh apricots, halved and covered with vodka

*Apricots (halved) and cherries (with tiny bit of stem still on) covered in dark rum with cinnamon stick

*raspberries with grappa in a small jar

*peaches in light rum and triple sec

You can try many combinations. The key is to arrange the fruit so it sits in the jar and cover with the liquor and close. Leave jars in dark, cool space for 3-6 months. You can then give as gifts with a recipe for gingerbread or spongecake on the tag or…

*teaspoon of berries at bottom of prosecco/champagne glass

*Sponge cake with fresh whipped cream, boozy apricots on top

*Gingerbread with whipped cream and boozy cherries

*Greek yogurt with a couple of tablespoons of any fruit

*Vanilla ice cream in a glass with rummy peaches on top, served with cinnamon stik as garnish