Seville Orange Marmalade

Aug 8, 2013

Seville oranges have a high pectic content which makes these preserves have a good set – AKA it isn’t runny.  Now, not everyone likes marmalade – it’s deceptively pretty and a bit bitter. I like to keep a few pots of it around to slather on thick toast or to mix with Greek yogurt and granola. You might also decide to make a sweet, basic crust (think flour, butter, sugar, water), and spread the marmalade in it, bake it for 20-30 minutes and enjoy a Seville Marmalade Crostata.  You can find oranges and slice them or buy these for a great shortcut.

Seville Orange Marmalade ~ Marmalade Tart/Crostada

If you don't want to process the jam (meaning you are not interested in canning/sterilizing), you can make this and keep it in the fridge for a few weeks. You can also add grapefruit rind or lemon to this.

1 Tin Hartley's Thin-Cut Oranges

Water per recipe on tin

Sugar as per recipe or slightly less - not tons less or it won't set, but it tough to stomach all that sugar...

Canning jars, sterilized, if processing to put up or clean glass jars for the fridge

Follow the instructions on the tin - fruit into a large pot, add water, then add sugar, boil. You can add a bit of butter toget rid of the foam, or scoop the foam off and feed it to your kids once it's not too hot. It's a decent thing to add to the yogurt you're snacking on while you're waiting for the mixture to boil...To test for jam set, put a plate in the freezer for a minute and then put a teaspoon on it. It should set in a minute or two. If not, boil a little more. Fill the jars and process or, if you are making fridge jam, let uncovered jars cool and then refrigerate. Keep a couple and give one away - sweet and bitter and a good gift.


  1. Celia
    August 8, 2013

    Hello! How nice to see a post from you, I was wondering how you were. I’m not a huge marmalade fan, but we do use it in our fruit cakes! Hope all is well.. x

    • EmilyFranklin
      August 9, 2013

      Hi Celia- I know, it’s been ages…long story (aren’t they all?!)…but I will get back to regular posts this fall. Hope you are great. Must be getting near spring there? x

      • Celia
        August 9, 2013

        We’re trudging along, Em. You know how it is. 🙂 Yes, spring just around the corner, although we’ve barely had a winter here this year, it’s been so mild!